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Say hello to Coffee Sailors

From Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

We've sourced a small lot produced by a coop of families at 1,200m in this coastal mountain range in northern Colombia

Shipped by wind

We load the green coffee onto this very boat and sail it for more than 4,500 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean with nothing but wind power

Roasted in London

We freshly hand roast the green beans in small batches on this Giesen machine in London

100% biodegradable packaging

We use coffee bags that are totally plastic free and biodegradable. That includes the valve, the branding and the bag itself. We leave no stone unturned

Start drinking real coffee

This is specialty coffee from small producers, shipped by wind, roasted by hand, packed plastic free. This is Coffee Sailors and its changing the world of coffee.

Welcome to a new store.

We've made a bet on the creativity of people. The local heroes who passionately master their craft and create products that are honest and loved. We find these Marvels from the world. We help them tell their story and share their passion. Because there is more out there than we're led to believe. We just need to see it.

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