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Together we explore and we discover. We find new creations, old products totally reinvented, and everything in between. What could possibly make a better gift? 

The world is full of special products that have stories to tell. Whether it's the decades old family company or the young, hip upstart, we are discovering wonderful people every single day. And one thing connects them all is their attitude. Each creator is obsessed with making their product the best it can possibly be. They pour their heart and soul into creating something honest and unique. It is inspirational and we can't think of a better gift.

How does it work?

Step 1 | Order your gift card as you would any other product
Step 2 | You'll immediately get an email with the gift card details
Step 3 | Forward the email to the person receiving the gift (or keep it for yourself!)
Step 4 | They can redeem the gift at checkout when placing their order


•  Gift cards do not expire
•  Redeemable on all products and over multiple orders
•  Gift cards can be stored in your Apple Wallet. Just follow the instructions on the email
•  Not redeemable on subscription orders