Our Story

From the little guy in her workshop, to the mini factory, wonderful things are being created all over the world. And yet we hardly ever get to see them. So we decided to do something about it...

A few years ago, I came back from a trip to Japan with a new realisation: we don't even see 1% of the products being made. What really really annoyed me though was that this wasn't because 99% of products are bad. I was discovering products that were simply awesome, inspiring even. I realised it's because new things are too risky for the big stores.
I saw people working day and night in kitchens, honing their recipes. I saw people obsessing over every detail of their craft, be it textiles, ceramics, cosmetics, you name it. There are people doing everything they possibly can to make products more ethical, more environmentally friendly, just more honest.
And my friends Gianni and Seb had experienced similar things on their journeys. Gianni had moved countries, and he couldn't believe the little choice available in the UK. How could it be that we are so close to his native Italy and yet we have what we have in our big stores? We all knew it wasn't right, so we got together and decided to do something about it.

The world cannot wait for normal stores to finally unearth these marvels. The creators shouldn't have to wait to be discovered. We shouldn't have to wait to enjoy them. And our one and only planet has most certainly been waiting too long.

This is about honesty. Honesty in creating and honesty in consuming. Doing things for people and the planet.
Better things are out there. We're here to find them. 
Never stop discovering.


Mo & Gianni

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