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Craft Cola Magic Syrup

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Iyoshi Cola. The world's only cola craftsman. From his workshop in Tokyo, to the shores of Britain. This is a cola revolution. It's time to break the mould as a kingfisher diving into the water.

Coca Cola and Pepsi are guilty pleasures. We barely know what their black liquid is but it’s enjoyable and we struggle to stop ourselves. Iyoshi Cola changes everything. This is raw craft cola made of natural ingredients with a taste that is delightful and unmatched. You simply cannot find it anywhere else. It is familiar, typically cola, but brilliantly different at the same time. It might just be the gentle notes of the spices coming through, or the Kola nut giving it a natural “cola kick”. Or maybe it’s the subtle zest of the citrus fruits. Whatever it is, this handmade natural cola really is the dreamy flavour. The cola revolution has begun. It's time to drink Iyoshi.

A syrup means freedom. The dreamy flavour, in more ways than one.

Iyoshi Cola’s syrup is so much more than a drink. Of course, you can mix it in sparkling water and enjoy it as a classic refreshing glass of cola. But there’s much to be discovered. This syrup is adventure in itself. You can mix the syrup with milk (a favourite in Tokyo), you can put a few drops in beer, whisky, a cocktail, your cake mixture, a coffee - and much more. Let your imagination run wild.

Coke, Pepsi or Yoshi?

Today, Kola Kobayashi is the world’s first and only cola craftsman. But in one hundred years, the story will be told of how his Iyoshi Cola Co. totally changed the history of cola as we know it. The story will tell of his utter dedication to crafting the perfect recipe. How he experimented with natural Kola nuts from Ghana and an assortment of spices and fruits. How he tested different blending, heating and mixing techniques in his tiny workshop in Tokyo. How he found a way to bring together his natural ingredients into that signature dreamy flavour.
The story will begin with Kola Kobayashi’s chance encounter with his late grandfather’s notebook. As a skilled practitioner of traditional Japanese medicine, his grandfather knew how to bring natural ingredients together. Kola Kobayashi had spent years experimenting, but the breakthrough was the moment he discovered this notebook. The story will describe how Kobayashi-san then dusted down his grandfather’s machinery and restored them to grind the spices for the very first Iyoshi Cola drinks. It will describe how the spirit of his ancestors along with the power of his dream made him the world’s only craft cola maker. The story will make it seem like it was fate and destiny that brought Iyoshi Cola to the world. It will seem unreal, barely believable and ideal for a movie. But this is not a movie, not today at least. We are living the cola revolution.
From his tiny workshop in Tokyo to the shores of Britain, Iyoshi Cola is here in the UK. Kobayashi-san brings you the drink that will change your idea of cola forever. Try it for yourself, and you’ll know the answer to the original question. Yoshi. Only Yoshi.

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•  100ml bottle serves approximately 4-5 glasses of cola
•  250ml bottle serves approximately 10-12 glasses of cola
•  Suitable for Vegans
•  Ingredients lemon, lime, orange, kola nut, cinnamon, sugar, ginger, vanilla beans, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, coriander, catuaba, other spices
•  Allergens in bold
•  Always check the bottle for the latest ingredients
•  Photos by Iyoshi Cola and Kisa Toyoshima
•  Coca Cola, Coke are registered trademarks of Coca Cola
•  Pepsi is a registered trademark of Pepsi
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at hello@marvelsfromtheworld.co.uk

Estimated values per 100ml
Energy 43.2kcal
Fat 0.1g
Carbohydrates 10.4g
Protein 0.1g
Salt 0.1g


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