We believe in Sustainability

Carbon Neutral deliveries. It's a must.

We've decided to carbon offset all deliveries, making them carbon neutral. We do this by investing in certified projects around the world that help protect and restore forests. That means every order placed on Marvels will help with a project somewhere, whether it's preventing a section of the Amazon from being slashed and burnt, or it's restoring an ecosystem already damaged in Uganda.

To make sure we offset at least as much as we've generated, our technology does some calculations behind the scenes. For each order, we take the weight of the parcel, the distance it travels to get from us to you, and the mode of transportation that it uses to calculate the carbon generated during shipping. We offset this entire amount.

Upcycling boxes. We made this box G.R.E.T.A again.

The nature of our business means that we receive a lot of boxes. Honestly, a lot. In our early days, we re-used these for internal operations but we were too embarrassed to ever show them to a customer. Often they're scruffy and they felt too imperfect for a brand like us that searches for perfection across the world. So the majority ended up in the recycling bin. But we couldn't help feel that this is totally ridiculous; a complete waste of trees and energy.
We decided to put our embarrassment to one side and do something that risks our brand image, but feels like the right thing to do. Nowadays, we upcycle the clean boxes we receive and pack orders in them if the size and shape makes sense. We stamp these with our "We made this box G.R.E.TA again" label so you know it's been upcycled. We always promise these boxes are clean and hygienic; we would never compromise on this.

You might also notice that inside your parcel, we've filled the empty space in boxes with some of our brands' packaging. Again, this is about reusing perfectly good material instead of using new material just for the sake of our brand image. We don't want to waste anything if we can possibly avoid it.

Plastic free postal packaging.

All of the postal packaging we use is fully recyclable and contains no plastic. That includes the tape we use, which is biodegradable and compostable paper tape (as well as recyclable).
The vast majority of our products are also plastic free, including our own-brand Coffee Sailors product which is 100% biodegradable as well. But a few products do use plastic packaging. You should know that when this is the case, we're respectfully pushing the brand to shift to plastic free packaging. With your support, and with your feedback, we can make sure we influence companies to go plastic free. 

Ultimately, this is about sustaining cultures.

To us, sustainability is also about culture. More and more, we are facing homogenisation in every aspect of life. You can travel to some of the furthest corners of the world and you will still see some of the same brands you have at home. Comfortable, yes. But also very boring. We do not oppose big business, but we want to support cultural diversity before it becomes a thing of the past. There are so many beautiful traditions, crafts and stories across the world. We have made it our job to celebrate and enjoy them. And we're well aware that we can only do that if planet Earth exists.