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Gift Wrap

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Plastic free, elegant and thoughtful. Everything a gift should be.

We bring you the world’s most unique products and we’ve got a gift wrap option to match. This is beautiful plastic free packaging made for any special occasion.

The details really matter. Really.

The product box

This gloss white box is made of high quality, thick recycled paper. It has a luxurious finish and it is fully recyclable. Better still, it can easily be upcycled and used over and over again.

The ribbon

We’ve thought of every single detail, and that includes the ribbon. Most ribbons are polyester plastic and that’s not good enough for us. We use this wonderful ribbon instead made of sustainably sourced wood pulp. It’s reusable and biodegradable.

The tissue paper & sticker

Once you’ve untied the ribbon and opened the box, you’ll be met with the Marvels from the World tissue paper that is sealed with a plastic free sticker. 

The filler

Inside the box and tissue paper, your gift is kept safe in this crinkle cut kraft paper filler. No plastic, just kraft paper that provides that bit of cushion for the journey.

How does it work?

Add gift wrap to your cart, either from this page or by selecting the option at checkout. All the products you've selected in your cart will be gift wrapped. If you don't want everything gift wrapped, make a note in the special instructions section. In some cases, we might contact you to discuss if the products need to go in multiple boxes.