It's time for real food, made by real people. This is the world's most unique food store.

Whether you’re a foodie or not, you’ll probably agree that our weekly (or maybe daily) food shop is just not that exciting. Most of the time, that’s fine. There’s a beauty to having a routine. But sometimes, we’re just yearning for that moment of inspiration, like those times when we explore the local stores whilst travelling. Surrounded by an unfamiliar culture, we learn about different traditions, different behaviours, new styles of fashion, delicious foods and much more. The whole experience is so enriching that we come back inspired, refreshed and energised. Yes, we might also boast on Instagram whilst on our trip, and a few cheeky throwbacks sometime after as well. And we simply cannot wait to plan our next one with that Lonely Planet guide.

Unfortunately, shopping in a Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Whole Foods, Ocado nor any other store will provide us with a particularly special feeling. To be fair to them, they’re not genuinely designed for people passionate about food or provenance. They stock insanely busy, utterly soulless shelves (or soulless websites for those of us that shop online), they fill them with the most familiar brands, and they try and sell to as many people as they possibly can. It works for them, and it means we get quick access to cheaper food. But there is a really significant consequence.

We live on the same planet that hosts the Amazon Rainforest, the River Nile, the Himalayas, the Pacific Ocean, and the Sahara desert. People have created the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, we’ve climbed Everest and we’ve been to the moon. And yet, we are happy to be bored when we do our daily food shop?

We don’t have to settle. This wonderful planet, and the beautiful people inhabiting it have much more to give, and it’s time we enjoyed it and supported each other. Out there, beyond what we are told to want, there are real people, dedicating themselves to the creation of amazing, beautiful food. Whether they are following ancient recipes, or devising completely new ones, they are making and sharing food with love and enthusiasm. They are the local heroes across this world that we’ve never heard of. And behind each of their products, is a lovely story that makes us understand why things are how they are.

Marvels will bring you real food made by real people with inspiring stories. They make special versions of foods we all know and love (check out the incredible Extra Virgin Olive Oil made by Son Naava from their organic grove in Mallorca), and they also make beautiful products we’ve never heard of, local to where they are from (try the Fioroni Figs by Colavolpe, it’s a stunning take on an ancient fruit).

With your help we want to be a new way to shop. One which connects us to the people behind the food. One where there are no shelves, only stories. We promise to never be boring. We will shine the light. What you discover, is up to you.

Love food. Love people.

Gianni, Mo & Seb

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