Son Naava

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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From Olives grown by hand, at home in Mallorca.

You might find Olive oil on every supermarket shelf, but this is not just any Olive Oil. Firstly, Son Naava is a family affair. Ivan and his wife are obsessed with healthy, natural, real food. So when the opportunity came to create their own extra virgin olive oil, from their very own olive grove in Mallorca, they took it. The result of their passion and dedication is Son Naava. Each year, after the olives are harvested in October, Ivan and his farmers make a small quantity of this organic (biodynamic, in fact), low acidity, and very special extra virgin olive oil.

100% Organic. And much more.

Ivan’s extra virgin olive oil is pure in every sense of the word. The Arbequina olive trees are planted on soil that is free of any pesticides. The trees are nurtured without the use of chemicals. The olives are pressed within 24 hours of harvesting. They are the first olives to be passed through the pressing, to ensure no contamination. And finally, the oil is poured into a dark glass bottle to make sure it isn’t affected by light, temperature and oxygen. But all of this wasn’t enough for Ivan.

Made in Mallorca, of Mallorca, in a sustainable way. Demeter Certified.

Ivan also wanted to create an oil that is self-sustainable; one that relies solely on the Mallorcan environment around it, and gives back more than it takes. And this is exactly what he does with the help of a Mallorcan, biodynamic farmer. Biodynamic is a philosophy that takes Organic to the next level. This fascinating concept is all about natural and local farming. Son Naava is produced to this stringent standard, and is awarded the coveted Demeter standard.

Distinctive, high quality, and healthy. With a brilliantly low acidity level of 0.26%.

Son Naava is made from the Arbequina variety of olives; they are round, wonderfully aromatic, earthy and they thrive in the calcium rich, alkaline soil of Ivan’s grove. The hot, dry Mallorcan summers provide a perfect climate for the 3,000 trees on the grove. Son Naava has a very low acidity level compared to most extra virgin olive oils. This means it has a high smoking temperature, making it healthier at higher heats, and more versatile to work with than most extra virgin olive oils.

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•  Quantity  500ml
•  Ingredients  100% Organic, Biodynamic Extra Virgin Oil
•  The photos of the olive grove are from Ivan's very own grove in Mallorca, where he grows the olives that end up in Son Naava. They were taken during the 2018 harvest.
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