Alberto Marchetti | Turin & Milan, Italy

"Ice cream is my life. I was born on the same day my father inaugurated his cremeria."

In the afternoons, Alberto Marchetti would do his homework from the first floor of his father's ice cream store. After, he would spend his time in the freezers. Who can blame him.

Today, Alberto Marchetti shares his lifelong love for ice cream with the rest of us. He has created a small chain of ice cream stores that are arguably the best in Italy. A country that is arguably the best in the world when it comes to ice cream.

Alberto's secret is simplicity. He uses as few ingredients as possible; ingredients that he has personally found whilst travelling across Italy. You won't find long-life milk, emulsifiers, dyes or vegetable fats in Alberto's ice cream. Only fresh, simple Italian ingredients put together with care and love. Take in that first spoonful, and you’ll no doubt hear yourself go “mmm”.

If you’re ever in Turin or Milan, a visit is an absolute must. Our personal favourites are the pistachio and the gianduiotti for a Piedmontese specialty.

Price  Low to Medium
Address  Multiple
Child friendly  Yes, and perhaps a bit too much

Here's the story of how I became such a fan.  

The reason I had Alberto Marchetti's ice cream is pretty unforgettable. It was Gianni's wedding and we'd made the trip to Turin. We'd had an incredible day celebrating; good weather, good food, good vibes and your best friends. To top it off, just before our flight back, we went here on Gianni's recommendation. And sure enough, it was the perfect way to end the perfect weekend.

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