by Yoshiko Noda

Yocci's Menu: A Notebook of Japanese Recipes

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A fresh and light-hearted approach to Japanese cuisine and culture.

It couldn’t be any other way if it’s Yocci, an illustrator born in Osaka who has made Italy her home, who is proposing the menu. In Yocci’s Menu: A Notebook of Japanese Recipes, her unmistakable drawings are accompanied by recipes written by Aya Yamamoto, from Gastronomia Yamamoto: it is an invitation to get into the kitchen and try out some of the most traditional Japanese dishes.

Divided into three sections (the dishes “that make up a table”, main courses and sweets), Yocci’s Menu takes us on a fascinating and delicious journey: are you ready to try your hand at sansyoku-dango, pastel-coloured sweets? And do you know why renkon is considered a lucky vegetable?
No more sandwiches in your bento: it's time to move on to inari-zushi.

In between the story of eating habits which are quite different to ours and an in-depth look at the main ingredients – all strictly hand-written by Yocci – it doesn’t take long for the most authentic Japanese cuisine to start sounding familiar to us.

Stitched Paperback
136 pages
Published in 2019