Yiayia and friends

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete

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A long overdue celebration of the Greek grandma. Wherever you might be from, Yiayia and friends is all about the loving grandmother we all know or remember.

Yiayia in Greek means grandmother. The woman that rises before the sun. The woman that always has work to do. The woman who knows how to heal, to explain, to predict. The woman who knows how to grow children into men and women. This is the person that manages to do the things that bring joy and life to us all. She is special and she is loved. She is Yiayia, and now she is joined by her friends. Together they make the raw products she loves.

Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil that any grandmother would be proud of.

She is known in tends her olive trees under the radiant Cretan sun that helps grow succulent, delicious olives. Everyone in the village gets together for the harvest – a celebration of the earth’s bounty. The olives are cold pressed, solely through mechanical means, to produce superior quality olive oil, preserving its unique nutritional features and exceptional flavor. A true taste of nature in its purest form, courtesy of Yiayia and friends.

4 flavours for every occasion

Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Quite simply the finest Greek extra virgin oil from Crete. Nothing else is good enough for Yiayia and her friends.

Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fragrant greek basil is added to the already gorgeous olive oil. Perfect for pasta or salads.

Chili Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A touch of spicy Cretan chili. A favourite with pizza or drizzled into wraps.

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil infused with garlic. Another must on pizza or drizzle into yoghurt or salads.

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  Quantity  200-250ml per can or bottle