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Viking Land

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Made in Saaremaa. The land of spruce, sea and a love of mother earth. This is Island Land and it's filled with Viking spirit.

Saaremaa could easily be a part of Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings, and it would undoubtedly be competing with the Shire for the top spot in the beauty contest. Forests, windmills, beaches, and fresh fresh air. The island is blessed with all of them and its people know how to take care of it. So much so, that local businesses thrive with the resources around them, not against them. And this pack contains two products from the island that follow that philosophy and we simply adore them.

Suckõrs create reusable reed straws from the local coastline. The reed needs to be managed before it dominates the local eco system, pushing aside other plants and species. But rather than cutting them down and sending them to the compost bin, they decided to give them a new lease of life in the form of dishwashable straws. Genius. So put away your disposable paper straws, say no to energy intensive metal, and grab your reusable reed straws.

Lahhentagge meanwhile have created one of the most beautiful tonics we have ever seen. Estonic is made of upcycled Christmas trees. Yes. Christmas trees. The one found on the main square in Saaremaa being one of them. Why send them to the landfill when so much good can come of the spruce? And the result is stunning. Each sip of Estonic feels like another step in the tall, fresh forest. Mix in a gin and tonic, or drink as a soda. Either way, you'll love the subtle notes of spruce and cardamom.

This pack contains...

•  2x Estonic - Spruce & Cardamom bottles (250ml per bottle)
•  2x Estonic - Juniper & Mandarin bottles (250ml per bottle)
•  2x Estonic - Pärnu Suvi bottles (250ml per bottle)

•  10x Reusable reed straws (1 pack of 10 straws)

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•  Estonic Ingredients Water, spruce branch extract, red chinchona bark (contains quinine) extract, cardamom extract, lemon zest extract, sugar, preservatives (citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), carbon dioxide

•  Reusable reed straw contains 10 straws and a cleaning brush
•  Lifetime of a straw is around a few months, and potentially years
•  Usage Rinse before use. The straws are reusable and dishwasher safe. To prolong their life, allow them to completely dry between uses
•  Straw length  20cm

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