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The World's Best Teas (2 of them)

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Christmas needs tea. Make sure you have two of the best in the world.

Chamomile tea is world renowned for its taste and health benefits. Now we bring you an organic version that is grown, picked and packed at an independent farm in the heart of Estonia. Say goodbye to tea that's travelled across multiple continents, that is traded numerous times by spreadsheet monkeys and tea that is packed in huge, soulless factories. Instead, this tea is the embodiment of nature's simplicity and purity. This is golden, sweet and soothing organic chamomile tea.

Ippodo is Japanese tea's crown jewels. This family run company is centuries old, obsessed with quality, and an absolute inspiration. Since 1717, they have been reminding us just how good a simple cup of tea can be. Their Hojicha, a roasted, smoky and calming Japanese green tea, is utterly delightful, particularly with sweets and chocolates. Perfect for the winter season.

This pack contains:

•  1x Organic Chamomile tea (loose flowers, 20g)

•  1x Ippodo Hojicha teabags (12 teabags)

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•  Chamomile tea Ingredients Organic chamomile blossoms 

• Hojicha Ingredients Roasted green tea

•  Suitable for Vegans
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