terrorists of beauty

block 004 ∴ repair + nourish | hair + body

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let’s fight the laws of the beauty industry.

block 004
natural soap with curcuma + cocoa
hair + body
100g, lasting 2-3 months

block 004 offers your skin and hair moisture and shine. curcuma and cocoa nurture intensively, reduce frizz, and repair damage.
this block of soap is perfect for very curly or extra dry hair as well as for normal to dry skin. block 004 smells rich and orientally. this soaps contains olive oil, rapeseed oil, shea butter, henna, curcuma and cocoa.
our soaps are handmade in a special cold process with cold-pressed oils. one block of soap accompanies you for about two months. each soap is unique. variations in shape and color are totally normal.
certified as natural cosmetics by ncs standard.

natural soap. vegan. plastic free. palm oil free. biodegradable. handmade in germany.

terrorists of beauty is a seriously odd name, but be in no doubt, they are ripping up the rule book set by the outdated beauty industry. natalie and mar, the two women from hamburg behind terrorists of beauty, are providing us with their unique and peaceful weapon that is changing the world with every shower: soap. it’s unlike anything out there. here is soap that will make us more beautiful, and the world more beautiful.

manifesto of beauty

we love beauty
we love humans
we love being human beings
and we love a world in which we are allowed to be human

but we reject the laws of the beauty industry
their rules of
perfect bodies
complex treatments
synthetic ingredients

we fight the idea that beauty needs much
we want the whole industry to change
to become
our only weapons: 4 blocks of soap

handmade in germany

terrorists of beauty fight against pointless globalization. the soaps are all handmade in germany and are wrapped and shipped by hand in a workplace for people with disabilities at stiftung mensch. even the packaging is printed in germany to avoid unnecessary transport (you'll be surprised where a lot of brands get their packaging from)

we omit what is unnecessary. natural only

the soaps are made with as little as 4 and a maximum of 15 natural ingredients. the recipes consist of the simple symbiosis of spring water and premium oils. in a meticulous cold stir process, they are saponified with the help of soda lye. thanks to low temperatures during the process, the nourishing virtues of the ingredients are preserved followed by several weeks of ripening maturation before they are perfect to use. the special scent of the soaps is based on a traditional indian process where, over several days, ayurvedic essences are developed using natural plant and herbal extracts. all soaps are certified as natural cosmetics by the ncs

palm oil free

all soaps are free of palm oil. instead, they process premium cold-pressed oils like olive oil, grape seed oil or castor oil into natural soap. 10% of the cold-pressed oils in the soaps remain in their natural oil state. this so called over-enrichment makes sure that the products care for hair, body and face so that afterwards no cream, body lotion or conditioner is necessary (once your body has become accustomed which can take several weeks)

plastic free

the soaps are wrapped using only paper and shipped without plastic. terrorists of beauty's packaging is made from fsc-certified paper and printed co2-neutral. all soaps are free of micro-plastics


to minimize the impact of our products on the environment, we stick to vegan ingredients.  our time-honored production process uses natural oils only


terrorists of beauty don’t differentiate between male and female. your gender doesn't decide what your hair and skin really needs. they provide pure care with no gimmicks - for all

unlike anything out there...

our natural soap stands in strong contrast to commercially available shower gels, shampoos and even solid shampoos which barely contain any actual natural ingredients. they instead cleanse by means of predominantly artificially produced substances that are hardly biodegradable. along with the synthetic surfactants, these washing products more often than not contain silicone, film-forming agents, microplastics, thickening agents, consistency enhancers, gel-forming agents, preservatives or emulsifiers. all these additives are deposited on skin, scalp and hair in the course of your lifetime. the consequence can be oily skin, dry skin, allergies or even skin diseases

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•  quantity  1x100g bar, lasting approximately 2-3 months
•  store in a place where it can dry after use
•  Suitable for Vegans
•  Palm oil free
•  certified as natural cosmetics by the ncs standard
• ingredients: olea europaea fruit oil, brassica campestris seed oil, ricinus communis seed oil, butyrospermum parkii butter, henna, curcuma, longa root powder, theobroma cacao extract

what is the ph level of soap?

our soaps have a ph value of 7.5 - 8.5, hence they are slightly alkaline. this is an optimal scope for a mild care of hair, face and body

how long does one bar of soap last?

on average, one block lasts for 2-3 months, but it depends on how often you shower or wash your hair - and whether you have long or short hair. if you use it up much faster, the probability is very high that you are overtreating your skin. also consider that skin and hair produce less sebum when using soap continuously, so adjust your use accordingly! clean your skin and hair with pure water. the skin is the largest and most exposed organ of the human body - it is sensitive. some dermatologists and studies even say that we should not clean our skin every day, but that the skin is healthiest if you wash it often with water only

can i use your soaps in nature, too?

terrorists of beauty soaps are biodegradable and can therefore be used in nature without hesitation. but please keep in mind that every cleaning product reduces the ph value as well as the surface tension of the water. this soap also does this, which is why it doesn't belong in large quantities in sensitive habitats. so use only as much of it in nature as absolutely necessary. by the way, when using our soap in seawater, it is a bit difficult to use: the formation of foam is significantly reduced, which makes hair washing more difficult

are your soaps suitable for children?

block 003 is suitable for children's skin. nevertheless, keep in mind that children's skin needs much less extra care than adult skin. so what does your child's skin really need? and what has the industry told you? isn't pure water enough? if you decide to use soap, make sure that it doesn't get into your child's eyes because it burns a little bit. therefore we don't necessarily recommend soaps for young children

can i use your hair soap for colored or sensitive hair?

we never give a guarantee. every body is different, every hair is different, every skin is different. in general, however, we have many customers with coloured or very sensitive hair who get along very well with our soaps. the first hairdressers are also using our soaps very successfully in their salons. but be aware: it takes time! especially if you have very sensitive or chemically treated hair, the transition phase for your hair could take longer

i have very sensitive skin or neurodermatitis. can i still use your soap?

every body is different, every hair is different, every skin is different. when using natural products, the most important thing is that you give your body time and at the same time listen to what it needs. in general, we have many customers who successfully use our soaps for neurodermatitis, eczema, skin impurities or irritations, as these are often the reaction to synthetic ingredients and surfactants of shampoos and shower gels. but we would never offer a guarantee for this. you have to try it! if you have very sensitive or dry facial skin, it might also be advisable to use soap only once a day and to rinse your face in the morning with clear water only

can i also replace cream, conditioner and body lotion?

the soap should be sufficient to replace cream, conditioner and body lotion. however, you have to listen to your body. if you still feel that something is missing after the transition phase, you should of course give it to your body is different, every hair is different, every skin is different

why is this page in lowercase letters only?

firstly, good job on making it this far! terrorists of beauty are all about omitting what is unnecessary. maybe capital letters are unnecessary too. we'll let you be the judge of that :)