Reusable Reed Straws (pack of 10)

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Reusable. Biodegradable. All natural. Dishwashable. And plastic free. Can it get any better?

Plastic straws are plastic, paper straws are awful, and metal straws aren’t biodegradable. So far, it seems like the world of straws has been struggling. But now, thanks to Mihkel and Grete, we’ve come across another one of those products that just makes you think “genius”. They discovered that they can turn the natural, overgrown reed plants on the shores of Estonia into sustainable straws; completely natural, plastic free, reusable, and even dishwashable straws. Ones that will last you for months, if not years. Plus, they’re biodegradable at the end of their life. It’s so simple. It’s so good.

“Wind, sea and sun imprint their unique patterns on every straw”

Mihkel and Grete have taken local, natural and quickly renewable reed and turned them into the perfect straws. Each straw is unique, carrying the pattern created during its natural life on the coast of the Saaremaa archipelago in Estonia. The duo harvest the reed with the right size, shape and strength, then cutting it into the perfect length. Using special tools they’ve created, they clean the inside and outside, then sterilising it in a heat treatment to make sure there is absolutely no natural bacteria or microbiological entity. Finally, the straws are packed in completely recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper packaging. Now we can enjoy our drinks in perfect harmony with nature.

Handmade in Estonia of sustainable reed growing naturally on the Estonian shoreline.

The shores of Saaremaa in Estonia are filled with overgrown reeds. These wild grass-like plants grow to over six metres in height and cover huge areas of the coast. Left to grow on their own, they are ruthless. They will obstruct other plant communities and species, stopping them from inhabiting the same area, meaning the biodiversity of coastal meadows is put to risk. Years and years ago, farmers would bring their livestock to feed on the coastal reed, creating a perfect balance between reeds, bird species and other plant communities. But today, livestock numbers have plummeted, and the reed is growing out of control. The coast needs to be cleaned, the reed needs to be pushed back. In step Grete and Mihkel. They live on the southern coast of Saaremaa, their garden facing the sea. Realising the problem with the overgrown reeds, and knowing very well the problem with plastic pollution, they came up with a very simple fix. They realised the reed lends itself perfectly to a product which has been causing everyone so much pain: straws. By harvesting the reed, they are cleaning up the coastline. By creating reusable reed straws, they are helping everyone move away from plastic, paper and metal.

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•  The pack contains 10 straws and a cleaning brush
•  Lifetime of a straw is around a few months, and potentially years
•  Usage Rinse before use. The straws are reusable and dishwasher safe. To prolong their life, allow them to completely dry between uses
•  Length  20cm
•  Photos by Grete and Mihkel at Suckõrs
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at