Organic Plant based Cocoa Truffles

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Velvety soft and mouth-watering cocoa truffles that are actually good for you. And organic. And vegan. Impossible? Possible. It’s called Cocohagen.

These cocoa truffles are so utterly tasty it’s hard to believe that they’re actually good for you. We’re all savvy enough to know that taste and unhealthiness usually go hand in hand. But Cocohagen flips that thinking on its head completely. These truffles are organic, totally plant-based, there’s no added sugar (yes, really), no preservatives, no palm oil, no additives, no lactose and no gluten. To put it another way, they’re filled with good, honest ingredients that make the most incredible truffles. It’s a sensory experience that simply spoils your taste buds.
So stick some in your kid’s lunchbox, put a pile on your desk, take it with you to work, or just enjoy it with your tea or coffee. And do it all without an ounce of guilt, with a tonne of smooth cocoa-ey pleasure.

A former Danish police officer robs the unhealthy giants of their monopoly on taste.

If we told you a former Danish police officer would invent Cocohagen from an old petrol station in a tiny town in Denmark, you’d probably tell us to stop taking you for a ride. But that’s exactly what happened. Asbjørn Diemer is the former policeman behind Cocohagen. Along with his fair share of experience with robberies, Asbjørn refused to believe that food is either healthy or delicious. For him it shouldn’t ever be a choice. So to put his belief to the test, Asbjørn took five months off work and got making. Soon he had the first versions of his truffles. So he put his new invention into a bucket and went around his local town asking ten potential customers to taste the new truffle bites. All ten came back and said they want to buy more. Asbjørn resigned from the police. The rest will be the story of how one man's stubbornness and obsession brought us all great tasting and healthy snacks. 

Zero nonsense. Literally none of it.

Cocohagen is organic, it's made from sustainable ingredients, it's made in Denmark and it's packed in recyclable foil. Asbjørn and his team are not messing around when it comes to honesty. This is how every product looks that leaves their small factory in Denmark:


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•  Quantity  20g per truffle
•  Suitable for Vegans
•  Cocoa Ingredients  Dates*, 10.4% Almonds*, Cashews*, 5.6% Cocoa powder*, Coconut*, Cocoa butter*, Almond oil*, Pink Himalayan salt.
•  Orange Ingredients  Dates*, Cocoa Nibs*, Cocoa powder*, Cocoa mass*, Cocoa butter*, Apricot kernel oil*, Pink Himalayan salt, <0.1% Orange oil*
•  Hazel Ingredients  Dates*, 13% Hazelnut kernels*, Cocoa powder*, Cocoa mass*, Cocoa butter*, Hazelnut oil*, Pink Himalayan salt
•  Mint Ingredients  Dates*, Cocoa Nibs*, Cocoa powder*, Cocoa mass*, Cocoa butter*, Pink Himalayan salt, <0.01% Mint oil*.
•  Barista Ingredients  Dates*, Cocoa powder*, Almonds*, Cocoa mass*, Almond oil*, 2.5% Coffee*, Cocoa butter*, Pink Himalayan salt
•  Triple Ingredients  Dates*, Cocoa powder*, Cocoa mass*, Cocoa butter*, Apricot kernel oil*, Pink Himalayan salt
•  Allergens in bold. May contain traces of date pit residues and nuts
•  * = Organic
•  Always check the product for the latest ingredients
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at

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