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Organic flour made with upcycled spent grains from microbreweries. Baking just got a new meaning.

Across the world, breweries large and small are throwing away the grains used in their brewing process. These grains are treated as waste but they’re packed with nutrients. Luckily, a group in Copenhagen realised that the grains aren’t waste, throwing them away is the waste. So Karin, Emil and Aviaja created Agrain. They take the “spent” grains from organic microbreweries in Denmark and turn them into flour, crisps and granola. Upcycled, tasty and nutritious, we have no hesitation whatsoever in saying that Agrain is quite simply genius.

Three different types of flour. What will you bake?

01 Pilsner - Light and mild

This is the most neutral flour of the three. The light taste of the grains mixes nicely with traditional white flour and the colour gets just a bit darker. This makes it perfect for everything from breakfast rolls to pizza.

02 IPA - Slightly sweet, slightly dark with a touch of umami

IPA contains both barley and wheat, and the caramel maltings from the brewing process is present in the taste. It has a delicate aroma of caramel and nuts, with a golden colour. If you want golden bread that is slightly darker than white wheat flour, this should be your choice. It's also perfect for both carrot cake and buns.

03 Stout - dark brown, sweet and a hint of bitterness

This is the most complex of the Agrain flours with barley, wheat, rye and oats all in the mix. The taste is deep and intense and the color is dark. The malt that is used for brewing stout beer has been roasted well, providing the spent grains with notes of coffee, chocolate and even liquorice. This super grain flour is perfect for rye bread and anything with chocolate. 

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•  Quantity 500g per pack of flour
Suitable for Vegans
•  01 Pilsner Ingredients:  Barley malt
•  02 IPA Ingredients:  Barley malt, Wheat malt
•  03 Stout Ingredients:  Barley malt, Wheat malt, Rye malt, Oat malt
•  Always check the packs for the latest ingredients
•  Photos by Agrain
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at

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