Unto Toscano

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany

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Restoring the Tuscan landscape to its former glory by producing some of the most gorgeous organic olive oil. It just doesn't get better.

The incredible Tuscan countryside fell to abandonment in the 1950s. People moved to the cities and the rural communities lost not only their people, but their centuries old traditions also went with them.

But all is not lost forever. One group of young, independent farmers are reviving the Tuscan countryside for good. With their small community and their sustainable slow methods, they are rejuvenating the olive groves to their former glory. One small patch at a time, they are balancing tradition, innovation and the region's delicate environment, to bring you an extra virgin olive oil that you won't forget.

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•  Quantity 250ml per bottle
Suitable for Vegans
•  Ingredients Organic extra virgin olive oil.
•  Cold pressed in Fiesole, Tuscany