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Organic Chestnut Spread

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Organic. Traditional. Indulgent. An authentic Corsican speciality from the kitchens of a local artisan. 

“Crème de Marrons”, or “Chestnut Cream”, has been produced in France and Corsica for over a hundred years. A simple recipe containing little more than chestnuts and sugar, this “jam” (more of a smooth cream or spread) is filling and nutritious and makes a great snack for those times when you need a little energy boost. Corsica has two layers to its traditional food culture, based around products from the sea that surrounds it and from the mountains at its heart. Chestnuts are a typical Corsican forest product. The chestnut tree is known to locals as the “bread tree” and has given its name to an entire region: Castagniccia. 

Charles Antona: handmade in Ajaccio since 1991.

Charles Antona made it his mission to share traditional Corsican flavours passed down through the generations. Armed with his grandmother’s recipes, he set up his company specialising in local dishes and jams using raw materials sourced exclusively from Corsica and the local supply chain. Today, the team has grown to around forty, but their mission remains unchanged: to produce artisanal quality Corsican specialities to their own unique recipe using only natural products with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Only 8% of their products are exported overseas. This particular Chestnut Crème is handmade in Ajaccio and is one hundred percent organic.

Surprisingly versatile. Consistently delicious.

Whether you view it as a jam, a spread or a cream, there are too many ways to enjoy this Corsican Marvel to list. You can’t go wrong with spreading it on toast and waffles or as a pancake filler, but why not try it with a good natural yoghurt for a fruity and smooth yet tangy and refreshing combination? Alternatively, it works a treat in recipes and is especially awesome when mixed with chocolate.

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•  Quantity 350g
•  Ingredients Chestnuts*, cane sugar*, lemon juice*, gelling agent: fruit pectin. *Organic
•  Allergen Information Contains CHESTNUTS. Made in a kitchen that handles NUTS and MILK
•  Always check the jar for the latest ingredients
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