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Mystery Box

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Discover new food and drink every single month.
From countries far, from creators near, this is your chance to experience magically unique products that make everyday more special.

  • Different selection every month with new and exclusive products
  • Story letter takes you through each product's story and origins
  • Free delivery
  • Cancel anytime



What's in the box?
It's a mystery. Every month we put together a unique selection. There'll be a mix of new products not launched yet alongside some of our favourites. We don't reveal it beforehand but we do provide a story card in each box to explain the origins, how they're special and ideas for recipes.

How much is the box worth?
The box is always worth more than its price. Sometimes it will be a lot more valuable, sometimes just a little more. That depends each month, but you will always get more value for money with the mystery box.

How often do you deliver?
Every month.

Do you cater for allergens?
Unfortunately not at the moment. We really want to be able to offer allergen specific boxes and we're working on the systems to make this possible.


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