Gimber Ginger Concentrate

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The alcohol-free drink with a bite. Shake it. Drink it. Cook it. It's your call.

GIMBER is a versatile organic ginger concentrate made by Dmitri and the gang in Belgium. The ingredients list is deceptively simple with just ginger, cane sugar, lemon and herbs, but GIMBER seriously packs a punch. Mix it with ice and water and your first sip will start smooth before hitting you with a perfectly weighted bite that leaves you reaching for the next gulp. And if that's not good enough, you can mix GIMBER into cocktails or even add it to your baking pantry.

This organic drink may lead to addiction to a pure and healthy lifestyle.

Like some of the greatest products around, GIMBER's story is a bit of an unexpected one. It starts with Dmitri's packed weekly schedule, running from one event to another. At each one, Dmitri was served an unhealthy dose of bad wine and sugary soft drinks. So Dmitri started looking for something that could get his taste buds excited without making his head spin. He couldn't find it. What next? He decided to make one himself. After all kinds of experiments with ingredients and combinations, he reached something wonderfully satisfying. Every weekend, Dmitri would make this combination for himself. But soon his friends caught wind of the drink and they demanded a bottle for themselves. Next thing he knows, people are driving over fifty kilometres from towns across Belgium just to pick up their own bottle. And that's when Dmitri knew he needed to share GIMBER with the world.
Nowadays even Belgian pilots are drinking GIMBER to stay sharp and sober. Who can blame them.

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•  Quantity 20ml or 200ml per bottle
•  Serving suggestion 20ml of GIMBER for every 200ml of water
•  Suitable for Vegans
•  Ingredients Organic ginger, organic cane sugar, organic lemons, water & organic herbs
•  Always check the bottle for the latest ingredients
•  Photos by GIMBER
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at

When diluted 1:10 with water per 100ml
Energy 60KJ
Fat <0.2g
Carbohydrates 3.4g
of which sugars 3.4g
Protein 0.042g
Salt <0.025g


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