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Coffee Sailors

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Magically unique coffee from northern Colombia. Shipped across the Atlantic Ocean by the wind alone.

Region - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia
Producer - Cooagronevada
Altitude - 1,200m to 1,600m
Taste - Bright and crisp with hints of blueberries and blackberries
Process - Washed

Most coffee comes with a heavy environmental price. Huge cargo ships burning tonnes of fuel go around our oceans and seas to transport the green beans thousands of miles. We can now declare that era well and truly over. Say hello to Coffee Sailors.
We've sourced a small lot coffee from a Colombian coop in the Santa Marta region. We've then brought it over the Atlantic Ocean, but not on a typical cargo ship. We've sailed it by wind on the Tres Hombres boat in the image gallery. This boat looks like it belongs in Pirates of the Caribbean, but there's nothing sinister about it. Its hardy crew have travelled 4,646 nautical miles across the Atlantic over five hard months without needing any fossil fuels for propulsion. A zero emissions journey across the Atlantic Ocean. It is as crazy as it sounds, but this might just be the future. And it tastes seriously good.

Organically farmed in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta by a women's led coop.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in northern Colombia is a magical place. This is a region of mystical lost cities, jungles, rivers, snow capped peaks, exotic plants and all sorts of birds and wildlife. Just fifty kilometres from the Caribbean Sea, it is home to the world’s highest coastal mountain. This unique place is where Cooagronevada grow their coffee. Starting in 2007 as a group of 20 families and forest rangers, they are now 70 families sustainably growing some of the highest quality organic and fairtrade coffee. And it doesn’t stop there. As well as respecting the natural world around them, they are also pioneers in achieving gender equality and helping rural women. Their values are truly inspirational and as you’d expect, their green coffee is stunning.

Freshly hand roasted in small batches in London. 

We roast the beans rather lightly to keep the incredibly complex taste of this special lot. The immensely high quality produce means it would be a real waste to go any darker on these beans.
The coffee is full of personality. The first taste is bright and full and you'll immediately recognise the difference with a more standard lot. This then gives way to a crisp aftertaste which is when the first hints of the berries begin to dominate. Let's just say that this coffee was well worth its arduous journey across the ocean.

Packed in 100% biodegradable packaging and completely plastic free.

From sourcing to tasting to shipping, we've left no stone unturned. The same goes for our packaging. There is no plastic here. Everything we use is fully biodegradable. Our coffee bags, the valves on the coffee bags, and even the branding labels - everything is plastic free and biodegradable. 

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•  Quantity 225g
•  100% Arabica
•  Single origin

Suitable for Vegans
•  100% biodegradable packaging
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at

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