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Coffee Sailors

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Specialty coffee sailed across the ocean by the wind alone. This is Coffee Sailors and it’s nothing short of a revolution.

It's hard to say just how proud we are to bring you this coffee. We adore good coffee in all its forms and varieties, but we know it comes with a heavy environmental price. Huge cargo ships drinking tonnes of fuel go around our oceans and seas to bring us the good stuff. Now though we want to declare that era well and truly over - but only with your help.
Coffee Sailors is a revolution in how we enjoy coffee. We are not here to tell you to stop drinking normal coffee. We’re here to give you something far better instead. We’ve managed to transport specialty coffee over the ocean by the power of the wind alone. The sail boat, Tres Hombres (see it in the image gallery), and its inspirational crew have travelled 4,646 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean over 5 hard months, totally emissions free. Yes, zero emissions. This is a journey powered by nature, for nature, for coffee lovers. David Attenborough says we need to work with nature. What better than this.

Organically farmed in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Freshly hand roasted in small batches in London and packed in 100% biodegradable packaging.

Region - Colombia, Sierra Nevada
Producer - Cooagronevada
Altitude - 1,200m and above
Tasting notes - Blueberry and hints of blackberry
Roasting profile - Light to Medium
Process - Washed, fermented and sun-dried

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in northern Colombia is a magical place. This is a region of mystical lost cities, jungles, rivers, snow capped peaks, exotic plants and all sorts of birds and wildlife. Just fifty kilometres from the Caribbean Sea, it is home to the world’s highest coastal mountain. This unique place is where Cooagronevada grow their coffee. Starting in 2007 as a group of 20 families and forest rangers, they are now 70 families sustainably growing some of the highest quality organic and fairtrade coffee. And it doesn’t stop there. As well as respecting the natural world around them, they are also pioneers in achieving gender equality and helping rural women. Their values are truly inspirational and as you’d expect from such a group, their coffee is fantastic. 

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•  Quantity 225g
•  100% Arabica
•  Single origin

Suitable for Vegans
•  100% biodegradable packaging
•  We have not sought, nor received endorsement from David Attenborough. Although we might ask for it!

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