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Sail-shipped Colombian Coffee. Aztec style chocolate made in Sicily. You won’t be able to resist...

Coffee Sailors is changing the world of specialty coffee. We’ve sourced from a small coop in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in northern Colombia. We’ve then put the green on a wind powered sailing ship and transported it emissions free across the Atlantic. We freshly hand roast in London and pack the coffee in 100% biodegradable packaging. It’s seriously good coffee, and its ethical. It’s the future of coffee.

Modica chocolate is raw, simple and simply the opposite of industrial. Its traditional production process preserves cocoa’s unique and aromatic notes and the ingredients’ beneficial properties.
Free from milk and other animal products, it can survive the hot Sicilian summers without melting and more importantly it is 'originally' vegan: chocolate in its purest form.

This pack contains 1 bag of Coffee and 3 bars of Modica Chocolate...

•  1x Coffee Sailors (Ground Cafetiere) - 225g

•  1x Organic Modica Chocolate - LO SCURO - Muscovado sugar (50g)
•  1x Organic Modica Chocolate - ROSELLA - Sicilian red orange (50g)
•  1x Organic Modica Chocolate - NELLA - Cinnamon (50g)

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•  Suitable for Vegans

 LO SCURO ingredients: Cocoa mass* – origin: Ecuador – variety: Nacional Fino de Aroma, raw Mascobado sugar from the Philippines*. Cocoa 70% minimum.
• ROSSELLA ingredients: Cocoa mass* – origin: Ecuador – variety: Nacional Fino de Aroma; cane sugar*, sicilian red orange zest* (min: 2.5%). Cocoa 60% minimum. 
 NELLA ingredients: Cocoa mass* – origin: Ecuador – variety: Nacional Fino de Aroma, cane sugar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka* (min: 0.5%). Cocoa 60% minimum. 
•  Allergen Information May contain traces of nuts, milk and soy  

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