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Totally addictive Korean Hot Sauces from Dublin's best Korean fried chicken joint. Unexpected? Yes. Great? Oh yeah...

These sauces are devilishly moreish. Made by Dublin's insanely good fried chicken joint, Chimac, these sauces will have your tastebuds dancing in no time. Whether it's spicy, sweet, tangy or funky, Chimac's sauces have it all. Go wild adding them to sandwiches, rice bowls, or even marinating meat, fish or veggies. Whatever you decide, you will be licking your lips and begging for more.

Irish Heart, Korean Soul

The crew at Chimac are obsessed with Korean fried chicken. Literally obsessed. Their fried chicken joint is one of a kind. Super fresh ingredients, homemade recipes and of course, homemade sauces. All in all, it's an experience any Korean would surely be proud of. Now we're lucky enough to have their sauces in the UK. It's not to be missed.

Choose from 3 flavours. Or just get them all....

Korean Hot Sauce

Made with gochujang, vinegar, spices and a whole lot of love. The result is an unmistakably tangy, funky flavour with just the right amount of heat. Perfect for marinating meats, spicing up rice bowls, eggs and sandwiches.

K-BBQ Sauce

A fresh take on American BBQ flavours funked up with traditional Korean ingredients. It’s the perfect mix of fermented soybeans, brown sugar and a bunch of tasty spices. The result is a unique yet temptingly familiar funky BBQ sauce that’s sweet, vinegary and undoubtedly delicious. Slather on sandwiches, marinade meats or use it to dunk your pizza crusts!

Sriracha Caramel

Some call it life’s sweetest kiss - we call it Sriracha Caramel. This one marries sweet caramel, fresh garlic and spicy Sriracha to create a perfectly balanced elixir. This fragrant, sticky syrup is that special something you’ve been looking for - pour it over pancakes, marinade pork, bacon or rashers, or simply sip it straight up.

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•  Quantity  387g per bottle
•  Korean Hot Sauce Ingredients (vegetarian)  gochujang (49.5%) (corn syrup, red pepper seasoning (red pepper powder, water, salt, onion, garlic), rice, water, sea salt, red pepper powder, grain alcohol, soybean, salt, soybean powder (soy), glutinous rice, rice flour, koji (barley), honey, rice wine vinegar (water, glutinous rice, salt), soy sauce (wheat), cider vinegar, water, garlic
•  Korean BBQ Ingredients (vegan)  brown sugar, cider vinegar, soybean paste (24%) (water, soybeanwheat flour, salt, fermented soybean powder, rice wine, wheatsoybean powder, koji (barley), flavour enhancers (E627, E631)), water, soy sauce (wheat), garlic, rapeseed oil, spices, xantham gum
•  Sriracha Caramel Ingredients (vegan)  sugar, soy sauce (wheat), water, sriracha hot chilli sauce (14%) (chilli, sugar, water, salt, garlic, flavour enhancer: E621, stabiliser: xantham gum, acidity regulator: acetic acid, citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, contain sugar), lime juice, spices
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