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Bacalhau is Portugal...

Do you remember that scene in Forrest Gump where Bubba talks about shrimps? Well, listening to the Portuguese discuss their national dish may remind you of that. In their cuisine there are more than 1,000 ways to prepare Bacalhau (cod). It can be boiled, baked, fried, grilled and broiled. It can be eaten with rice, with potatoes, with heavy cream and much more. It can be a casual dinner during the week or the centre of attention at special events and important annual meals, like Christmas, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

All in all a total of 1 million kilos of bacalhau is eaten every year in Portugal and the most incredible part…Bacalhau is not native to Portuguese waters.

...but it's not Portuguese

Actually, Bacalhau can only be fished from the distant and wilder waters of Norway, Iceland and Newfoundland (Canada). Its history can be traced back to the 15th century, before the Age of Discoveries, when Portuguese sailors traveled the world, spending months at sea relying on fish as food source. The dried and salted cod could be kept in the ship holds literally for years and it became a staple part of the Portuguese Navy’s diet from 1497 then an integral part of the Portuguese culture.

“Food is culture”

“Food is culture”, this is the view of Regina Ferreira, daughter-in-law of Fernando da Silva Ferreira, founder, back in 1930, of the “Conserveira de Lisboa” (Lisbon Cannery). Conserveira de Lisbona is one of the city landmarks, tucked in a corner of the grid-like downtown known as Baixa. After 90 years it still remains true to its principles as a credible bridge between fishermen and customers. It maintains the essence of the traditional trade, always looking for the best and freshest raw materials and then optimising its products to suit its customers and stay relevant.

Portugal in a tin

The Bacalhau they make is simply Portugal in a tin. Authentic, genuine and proud. It carries in its flavour the oldest recipes of the country, the popular traditions that can’t be forgotten, but also the effort of a family business that proudly push back the mass production and the flattening of the local culture. One tin will bring you to Lisbon, to its cobblestone roads, to its sunlight and scent of sea breeze, to Regina’s store in Rua dos Bacalhoeiros (...yep) that looks exactly like it did in the 30s. Food is culture, Bacalhau is Portugal.

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•  Quantity  1 tin of 120g, ideal for a meal.
•  Bacalhau à Portuguesa (Portuguese-style codfish) Ingredients Codfish, Olive Oil, Onion and Salt
•  Bacalhau com alho (Garlic Codfish) Ingredients Codfish, Olive Oil, Garlic and Salt
•  Bacalhau à lagareiro (Roasted garlic codfish) Ingredients Codfish, Olive Oil, Garlic and Salt
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