Small Batch Apple Juice

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Local Essex apples pressed hours after harvest by Oli and Ash at Sipp'd. Mark this moment in the apple’s illustrious history.

Oli and Ash didn’t set out to make apple juice. Not at all. They just wanted a nice, natural ingredient to sweeten their soda. So the guys start pressing different varieties of apples from local farms. They were shocked. Utterly shocked. It turns out that apple juice is incredibly complex and seriously nicer than the stuff we get in supermarkets. And there’s not one single variety of apple juice. Oh no. There’s everything from super sweet apple juice to absurdly sour. The guys ended the 2020 harvest by pressing an incredible 30 varieties! If you think you’re buying apple juice from the supermarket then grab a bottle of Sipp’d and see what the real thing tastes like. It's amazing.

Don’t let anyone tell you accountants are boring

Oli and Ash started their journey to Sipp’d by experimenting with an all natural, fiery alcoholic ginger beer. They’ll be the first to admit, that didn’t go so well. But it kicked off a journey of crazy experimentation. These guys went from crunching numbers in Excel to pressing all types of fruits, smashing together different blends and generally trying out any drink you can name. First came the unexpected discovery of real apple juice. That was a very good accident. But then came the twisted limeade soda. That was by design. Hand crafted soda made with nothing but real ingredients. It’s the work of two people obsessed with making simple, great soda. And boy does it deliver. Oli, Ash, we can’t wait for what’s next in the Sipp’d journey.

Two varieties

Cox & Bramley

This one's sharp, it's bordering on sour, and you won't find anything like this on the supermarket juice aisle. 

100% Temptation

It's sweet, it's completely natural and it's an absolute favourite.

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•  Quantity 275ml per bottle
•  Recyclable glass bottle
•  Suitable for Vegans
•  100% natural apple juice
•  Always check the bottles for the latest ingredients
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at

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