Thank you NHS

10% off for all NHS workers.

Our NHS is in the midst of a crisis it has never experienced before. The people working on the frontline and behind the scenes are doing everything they can to get us through this pandemic. They are carrying out their duty, and more. We want to do something to say thank you.
We are a very small business and every penny counts. Especially at a time like this. But there are more important things than profit. We hope other businesses join us in helping those helping us. Thank you to everyone working in the NHS. You are an inspiration. We'll support you in any way we can. 

How does it work?

1   Email a picture of your NHS ID card to

2   We will then send you a discount code that is linked to your email address

3   Enjoy the discount site-wide, on every product

This discount scheme runs until the end of February 2021.