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Bye Bye Plastic

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The products you never imagined going plastic free, now plastic free.  

Conventional chewing gum contains plastic. In fact, conventional gum contains some of the same materials that go into plastic bottles, glue and rubber tyres. But before you give up on chewing gum entirely, we've got True Gum. All natural, plastic free, vegan and biodegradable chewing gum made in Copenhagen, Denmark. Quite simply, True Gum is genius.
Next up is the incredible Suckõrs. Plastic straws are plastic, paper straws are awful, and metal straws aren’t biodegradable. But now there's reusable, dishwashable, biodegradable and all natural reed straws. Handmade in Estonia, of sustainable reed growing naturally on the Estonian shoreline.
And if that wasn't enough, we've added Organic Modica Chocolate. Made to an Aztec recipe, this is originally vegan and a dream for any chocolate lover. Wrapped in foil and paper, there's no plastic in sight. The packaging is even reusable in an incredibly smart way. We'll let you find out exactly how.

This pack contains:

•  1x True Gum - Mint & Matcha (20 pieces of gum per pack)
•  1x True Gum - Ginger & Turmeric (20 pieces of gum per pack)

•  10x Reusable reed straws (1 pack of 10 straws)

•  1x Organic Modica Chocolate - NELLA - Cinnamon (50g)

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•  Mint & Matcha Ingredients Natural chicle base, natural plant-based sweetener (stevioglycosides & xylitol), raw matcha powder, natural flavours, organic vegetable glycerine and spirulina extract
•  Ginger & Turmeric Ingredients Natural chicle base, natural plant-based sweetener (stevioglycosides & xylitol), raw ginger powder, raw turmeric powder, natural flavours, organic vegetable glycerine and carrot concentrate
•  True Gum Gluten  Mint & Matcha and Ginger & Turmeric are gluten free

•  Reusable reed straw contains 10 straws and a cleaning brush
•  Lifetime of a straw is around a few months, and potentially years
•  Usage Rinse before use. The straws are reusable and dishwasher safe. To prolong their life, allow them to completely dry between uses
•  Straw length  20cm

• NELLA ingredients: Cocoa mass* – origin: Ecuador – variety: Nacional Fino de Aroma, cane sugar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka* (min: 0.5%). Cocoa 60% minimum. 

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