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Hojicha Green Tea (teabags)

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A charm for the winter. This is Hojicha green tea. The darling of Japanese green tea.

Hojicha is roasted green tea. A green tea like none other, one that holds a special place in the hearts of Japanese tea drinkers. Its aroma is distinct, its colour is a uniquely warm amber, and its body is light. The low caffeine content means that whether it’s night or day, whether you’re young or old, you can warm up winter with this cosy tea.

Made by Ippodo. Kyoto’s tea masters since 1717.

The year is 1846, and Prince Yamashina is really impressed by a small, family-run tea store near the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. He wants to guarantee that future generations enjoy the wonderful teas that this family has been creating for 129 years. So he decides to rename the store. He calls it “Ippodo”, which literally means “to preserve one”. To this day, the name is Ippodo. To this day, the same family runs this store. Such a glorious reputation comes with high expectations. And Ippodo does not let you down. You may have tasted Hojicha before. You may be a regular green tea drinker. But few, if any, brands can rival Ippodo. Their dedication to the art of creating tea is an inspiration. Ippodo understands that tea is more than a commodity. Tea is a moment with friends, a moment with family, a relaxed evening, or a gift for a loved one. No matter what the occasion, tea is an experience which shouldn’t go to waste. And so Ippodo believes that their job, as those who provide the ingredients, is to remind people of just how good it can be.

Unique preparation for a unique green tea.

Ippodo’s teas are cultivated in the famous region of Uji, just south of Kyoto. Its lush fields are renowned across the world for being blessed as a place to grow tea.
This Hojicha is made with the larger, coarse tea leaves picked in early May. This is the season of the tea harvest: Shincha. Every year, the team at Ippodo eagerly await the beginning of tea picking season. This is their first glimpse of mother nature’s gift, and a first indicator of the taste of the tea to come.
Once picked, the tea leaves are steamed within 12-20 hours, locking in the fragrance and nutritional components. They are then rolled and dried, helping to soften the fibres that release the tea’s flavour. The final step of the process, and one that is unique to Hojicha, is roasting. This gives Hojicha its distinct fragrance, ambery glow and crucially, the low caffeine and tannin components; making it a wonderful evening drink. Hojicha is a favourite amongst Ippodo’s patrons. It only takes one cup to realise why.

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•  Quantity  12 tea bags
•  Ingredients Roasted green tea
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at hello@marvelsfromtheworld.co.uk