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Tough on grease, easy on the environment, and no plastic in sight. Washing up you won't find washing up on the beach.

Standard bottles of washing up liquid are frequently "washed up” on beaches. They’re made of seriously resilient plastic that can last for decades. In fact, after recent stormy weather, some have even been found that date back further than 1971. Yes, there are plastic washing up bottles in the environment that are over half a century old. But that can all change. Non Plastic Beach, the awesome brand behind Boll**ks to Cling Film, have got a handmade, plastic free and palm oil free, washing up soap bar. It’s arguably easier to use, it’s tough on grease and it’s gentle on the marine environment. Lose your bottle. It’s time.

Super easy to use and it can last for months.

Rub a wet sponge or brush on the bar until it is soapy, then wash your dishes as normal. To maximise bar life, store it in a well drained soap rack or dish to keep dry between uses.

Handmade and palm oil free. Another classic by Non Plastic Beach, turning the tide on plastic waste.

Gareth and Nicola from Non Plastic Beach are two people who really care about our environment. They are both experienced divers who have seen the effect of single use plastic on our seas, oceans and beaches. But making plastic free swaps has always been difficult. The big brands just don’t do enough; if they do anything at all. So Gareth and Nicola decided that if the big brands won’t act, they will. Gareth gave up his job in helping car companies switch to electric vehicles, and Nicola used her accounting skills towards setting up this business. They poured their passion into their brand, and they’ve been helping the country remove plastic from their lives, one easy swap at a time.

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•  Quantity 100g bar of dish washing soap
•  Suitable for Vegans
•  Free from plastic, SLS, palm oil, parabens and cruelty
•  Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, (Sodium Cocoate), Naturally Occurring Glycerin (Glycerine), Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate*, Sodium Carbonate, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass Oil)
*Derived from Eco Cert approved coconut oil
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at