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Bubble Buddy Soap Dish

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Recycled plastic soap dish with a grater. Easier to use than a plastic bottle, and far better looking.

It all started as a project trying to recycle plastic waste and prevent it at the same time. That's why Bubble Buddy was born. It is a soap dish that helps you quickly dry soap bars, helping them last longer. But it also has a very cool grating shield used to make soap flakes that easily dissolve in water. All in all, Bubble Buddy helps make soap bars more convenient than plastic bottles, and far better looking.

Foejke Fleur is about making practical products that are also fun and playful. It's this combination of cute and serious that will help us all reach a zero waste future without compromising in any way.

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•  quantity  1 bubble buddy soap dish and grating shield
•  Designed by Foekje Fleur

•  Recycled plastic
•  Made in Holland

• Always check the bar for the latest ingredients
• If you have any questions free to email us on