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A French chef in Brussels discovers Spanish potatoes…

This story could go in many ways, and crisps probably isn’t what you’re expecting. But crisps is what Phillippe Emanuelli ended up with. Despite being a chef whose restaurants feature in the Michelin guide, Phillipe decided to make his own crisps. Why? The reason is simple. It’s Phillippe’s genius way of sharing his love for food with everyone.
There’s crisps, there’s posh crisps, and now there’s Superbon. We love them all, but Superbon is something else. Thank you Phillippe.

The humble potato meets the mysterious truffle.

The story starts with Phillippe’s restaurant that specialised in mushrooms. Here, they did everything with them, even putting them in macchiatos. Phillippe already loved mushrooms, but whilst running this restaurant he totally fell in love with the dried variety. He realised that these natively European dried mushrooms are available right on our doorstep, they are wonderfully tasty, they have a long life and a tiny carbon footprint. They are some of the best ingredients to work with. But people don’t do enough with them. 
Phillippe decided to spread the word and share his passion. His restaurants weren’t enough though. He was looking for a way to reach everyone, not just a few dozen people a day. 
In steps the humble potato. Not just any variety of potato though. Phillippe discovers the unique Spanish variety that fuels Madrid’s amazing crisp culture. He realises they have a unique taste, different to the ones you find on supermarket shelves. He decides this is exactly what he needs. He comes up with the recipes and using just a few simple, natural ingredients, he creates Superbon. 

Made in La Chueca in Madrid, the crisp capital of the world.

Being a renowned chef, Phillippe doesn’t compromise on quality. He produces the crisps in the La Chueca region of Madrid, right in the beating heart of crisp culture. The ingredients are as you’d expect, natural and authentic, which means seriously crispy crisps with a lovely potato flavour you’ll only get from these Spanish potatoes.

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•  Quantity 45g per pack apart from Truffle which is 40g, and Seaweed which is 125g
Suitable for Vegans
•  Gluten free
•  Salt Ingredients  Potatoes, sunflower oil, salt
•  Salt & Pepper Ingredients  Potatoes (67.7%), sunflower oil, salt (1%), black pepper (1%)
•  Pimento (Paprika) Ingredients  Potatoes, sunflower oil, cayenne pepper, paprika
•  Truffle Ingredients  Potatoes (68%), sunflower oil, salt (1%), dehydrated black summer truffle (0.1%), truffle aroma
•  Seaweed Ingredients  Potatoes (65.2%), sunflower oil (30.8%), salt (1%), seaweed (4%)
•  Always check the packs for the latest ingredients
•  Photos by Superbon
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