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Vegetable Dashi Drip

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Traditionally Japanese dashi in the modern way. Use it as stock, soup or even replace tea and coffee.

Dashi forms the soul of so many Japanese foods. It’s the traditional stock that brings out the umami in dishes, filling them with flavour. Whether it’s Miso soup, ramen broth or takoyaki street food, dashi gives it that unmistakable Japanese taste. But now there is a new way to soak up the flavours and all the goodness. You can make stock for food and soups, or you can drink it straight from a cup as with tea or coffee. These drips give you the freedom to choose how to enjoy the soothing Japanese taste of dashi.

Three types of Japanese enoki mushrooms, onions and ginger. That’s it.

The drip itself might look like a tea bag designed for astronauts on the international space station, but there’s nothing complicated about the ingredients inside. The Japanese enoki mushrooms are the main source of umami flavour as well as protein. The onions and ginger balance out the mushrooms to give the dashi a rounded flavour that makes it beautiful even when drunk straight from a cup. They also serve as a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. There are no chemicals, preservatives or animal products in this dashi.

Made in Japan by Shimanto Domeki Co.

The Shimanto region is sometimes described as Japan’s best kept secret. A stunning, crystal clear river runs through this beautiful place, weaving through the mountains and enriching the tea plantations along its way. People take from the river with many still practising ancient fishing techniques. But they don’t take too much. The river is intact, healthy and well looked after by the locals. Even the bridges spanning across the water are built to work in harmony with its flow because the bridges are unlike most; they are submersible. They allow the river to grow or shrink as much as it needs to, and to carry with it what it pleases.
Shiro Hosogi, the founder of Shimanto Domeki Co, wants to share this way of life with Japan and the world. He lets Shimanto inspire him, his staff and his products. We are lucky enough to be inspired by their beautiful products. 

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•  Quantity 1 drip serves 1 cup of dashi, or enough stock for a soup for approximately 2-3 people
Suitable for Vegans
•  Ingredients Japanese Enoki mushrooms, onions, ginger
•  Always check the packs for the latest ingredients
•  Photos of the Shimanto region were taken by Shiro Hosogi himself
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at

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