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Traditional, crispy sesame seed and pistachio biscuits.

On our journey across the Middle East, we’ve come across this gem. Baraze (pronounced "ba-rah-ze"). These famous biscuits are thin, delicate and crispy. Coated with sesame seeds on one side, and pistachios on the other, they are packed tightly in their box in a traditional circular formation. Mention these biscuits to anyone who has grown up in the Middle East or North Africa, and they’ll tell you their stories of taking them to school, sharing them with friends, or offering them to guests at home. They are a specialty and a treat. And when you try them, you’ll know why. Whether you snack on it at work, or you have it with a cup of tea in the evening, there’s something inevitable about the experience: you’ll always want one more.

Made in Egypt, based on a decades old family recipe.

The biscuits are made in Cairo, Egypt, but the recipe originates from Syria. Our friends at Semiramis have been making pastries since 1956, when they set up their first family bakery in the old quarter of Damascus. And their recipes haven’t changed over the last 63 years. They’ve gained quite a reputation for being the experts in their craft, and we’re delighted to bring their Baraze biscuits to the UK.

Ideal with a cup of tea, or a coffee.

You can also have them on their own. We’d just like to warn you of how more-ish they are. The biscuits have an incredible balance of sweetness, with the elegant taste of sesame seeds and pistachios. You’ll want to figure out a way to stop yourself reaching for another.

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•  Quantity  500g 
•  Serves  4-8 people to share over a few days, or perfect as a gift 
•  Ingredients  Wheat flour, butter, sugar, pistachios, sesame seeds
•  Allergen Information  Contains WHEAT, PISTACHIOS, SESAME SEEDS and DAIRY
•  If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at