White Mausu

White Mausu

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Ireland's answer to ketchup...and it's a lot more sophisticated

Try any of the jars and you'll soon realise why you simply have to have one for your kitchen. At least one...You can literally put White Mausu on anything, and just like ketchup, we put it on more things than we'd admit to. Be it tofu, noodles, toast or even plain rice, White Mausu elevates each dish with a gorgeous dollop of asian flavours and textures. It's a masterpiece by an Irish chef who knows a thing or two about Asian food.

From a childhood spent in Hong Kong to adulthood in Ireland, White Mausu is Katie's story packed in a jar filled with taste, texture and much more.

White Mausu’s journey began in the kitchens of The Fumbally, a well known café in Dublin where Katie was working at the time (yes, this the very same place Harry's Nut butter was born). One day a Japanese lady who was friends with the owners brings in a jar of chilli oil. It immediately reminds Katie of her childhood in Hong Kong and those incredible flavours. It inspires Katie to begin experimenting with her own interpretations. She would bulk out the chilli oil with additional ingredients such as peanuts as well as playing around with both sweet and salty baselines. And so White Mausu’s inaugural product was born, the Peanut Rãyu, but without a brand name and without even a label. So Katie took it to the Dublin Flea market and from there things just go crazy. White Mausu is now firmly a modern classic in Ireland.

4 different flavours

Peanut Rãyu

The original White Mausu, this one is packed full of peanuts, sesame and chilli, making it devilish and delicious. It combines Japanese, Korean and Chinese tastes to bring about a spicy umami kick to any dish you basically want. 

Cashew Crunch

This one was second in line and brings a sweet and salty side to the range. It's incredibly moreish thanks to the miso and maple syrup combining perfectly to make any dish sing. 

Black Bean Rãyu

The latest addition is salty, seriously spicy and uniquely savoury thanks to the fermented Chinese Black Beans. It's definitely the most cheeky of the three but the same rules apply - it goes with absolutely anything.

Black Bean Chili Ketchup

Smoky, fermented black beans team up with moreish shiitake mushrooms and seaweed, adding some serious oomph to this store cupboard classic. Gochugaru and tamari round it out for a salty, spicy finish. This is ketchup with a twist, so don't just use it as you would the old faithful. Sure, you can lash it on fried potatoes and dollop it on your burgers, but why not pop it in a hot pot or drop some in a broth? Let your taste buds be your guide!

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•  Quantity  240g per jar
•  Peanut Rãyu Ingredients  Sunflower oil, Peanuts (27%), Sesame Seeds, Tamari (Soya), Gochugaru, Agave, Chilli flake, Garlic, Sea Salt
•  Cashew Crunch Ingredients  Sunflower oil, Cashew Nuts (21%), Sesame, Sunflower Seeds, Shiro Miso (Soya), Tamari (Soya), Maple Syrup, Garlic, Sea Salt
•  Black Bean Rãyu Ingredients  Sunflower oil, Chinese Black Beans (13%)(Soya), Black Sesame, Gochugaru, Chilli flake, Tamari (Soya), Garlic, Sichuan Pepper, Raw Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Star Anise
•  Black Bean Chili Ketchup Ingredients  Tomato, Water, Fermented Black Beans (12%)(Soya), Gochugaru, Raw Cane Sugar, Vinegar, Chili Flake, Tamari (Soya), Salt, Garlic, Shiitake Mushroom, Seaweed, Spices.
•  Allergens in italics
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