Organic Chocolate Sesame Biscuits

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Super crunchy sesame and chocolate biscuits. Do not keep out of reach of children. 

We've called them biscuits but that name really doesn't do them justice. These little snacks are thin, super crunchy and they combine sesame, honey and chocolate to perfection. They go really well with tea or coffee, and they can even replace a pack of crisps. But just make sure you tie one hand behind your back because you'll keep coming back for more.

Built on the pillars of ancient Greek cooking.

The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two, and that includes how to combine sesame seeds and honey to achieve a perfect snack. They were a few thousand years ahead of most of us in realising how the rich, earthy flavour of sesame seeds can be brought into balance with the sweet honey. Add in a bit of dark chocolate and Supersec have suddenly made a Greek classic even better.

We admit there is absolutely nothing complicated here.

The team at Supersec happily admit that making these biscuits is requires no technical prowess. It's super simple. A steady hand blends the sesame with hot honey on top of a cold marble. They use the Tragano recipe which means they use a tonne of sesame to give it that perfect crunchiness with every bite.

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•  Quantity 110g per pack
•  Gluten free
• Ingredients  Sesame seeds* 42%, chocolate 35% (cocoa paste*, glucose*, sugar*, cocoa butter*, vanilla powder*, Cocoa solids 72%), glucose*, honey* 6%, sugar*
* Organic ingredients
•  Allergens in bold
•  Always check the packs for the latest ingredients
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