Energia Talu

Organic Chamomile Tea

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Relaxing Organic Chamomile tea. Grown, picked and packed at an independent farm in the heart of Estonia.

For thousands of years, we have been enjoying all of the goodness of relaxing, mellow chamomile tea. For thousands of years, people have also known that nature is at its best in its simplest form. And Energia Talu’s organic chamomile tea is the embodiment of simplicity. Loose flowers, whole flowers and organic flowers. Nothing more, nothing less. So we say sit back and enjoy this golden, sweet and soothing organic tea.

Nature needs no middle man. It just needs to be enjoyed, responsibly.

There are few teas, if any, that can claim to be as simple and as pure as this. Nowadays, teas are often grown in one country, shipped halfway across the world, packed in another country, then shipped halfway across the world again before they get to customers. In that process, the tea is traded in bulk, meaning it is bought and sold multiple times before it has even hit the shelves. Any natural flower to undergo that process cannot come out of the other side for the better. So we decided to search for something pure, something more honest. And we’ve found it: Organic chamomile tea from Energia Talu. This farm, owned and run by the passionate duo, Aiivar and Tiiu, sits in the heart of Estonia. Its position next to the river Navesti means it receives the perfect amount of sun, air and water. Everything you need for organic farming, just as the old Estonians used to do it. The chamomile flowers are organically grown here on the farm. They are picked by people who appreciate every flower. They are then placed into their gorgeous green paper packs on the farm itself. And we buy each pack direct from Aiivar and Tiiu themselves. It couldn’t be simpler. No middle men, no weird processing and no odd blending. Just tea from an organic farm to your doorstep.

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•  Quantity 1 pack 20g of loose tea. 10-15 servings.
Suitable for Vegans
•  Ingredients Organic chamomile blossoms
•  Photos: Energia Talu and Virge Viertek    
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