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Gianduiotti, chocolates born in 1862.

It’s 1815. Despite the defeat of Napoleon and the end of the Continental System, exports from the British Empire are still in short supply in Piedmont, Italy. Cocoa is hard to find and too expensive. In order to satisfy the increasing demand for a more affordable product, some local confectioners start replacing part of the cocoa mixture with bits of roasted hazelnuts from Alba (famous for the “Tonda Gentile” quality). Fifty years later, by finely grinding the hazelnuts into a smooth paste before incorporating with the cocoa and the sugar, Michele Prochet will bring perfection to the recipe, creating a chocolate with a silky texture and an unforgettable taste. Torino, 1862: it’s the birth of the Gianduiotto.

An authentic Italian icon from Turin.

Today Gianduiotti can be considered the most iconic Italian chocolate. Their small ingot shape, their golden tinfoil cover and their smell are immediately recognisable. They are almost like the Fiat 5oo of confections: from the same city and on a mission to win the heart of millions around the world.

A mission that Ziccat has undertaken with passion and enthusiasm since 1958. In their laboratory in Turin, Gianduiotti are still made with the maximum respect for tradition: a generations old recipe, only the best ingredients (like the hazelnuts IGP) and an artisanal production. The results are outstanding. Ziccat has been awarded “Maestro del Gusto 2018/19” (“Master of Taste”) by the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and by Slow Food Italy.

One is never going to be enough.

Gianduiotti are perfect as a treat after dinner or after a Sunday lunch. They are rich, smooth and mouthwatering. While contemplating the idea of another one, you will find yourself playing with the tinfoil. First fold, second fold. Whether you are an origami master or not, don’t waste time. One is never going to be enough.

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•  Quantity  1 Bag of 250g
•  Serves  approximately 25 Gianduiotti in a bag.
•  Ingredients Piedmont IGPHAZELNUT paste (30%), Sugar, Cocoa paste, Cocoa butter, MILK powder, Emulsifier: SOY lecithin, Vanilla extract.
•  Allergen Information Contains HAZELNUTS and MILK and may contain traces of other NUTS. Gluten free.
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