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Belgium's Banksy creates their first ever Ketchup brand, because we all know French fries are Belgian.

If you've been to Belgium, you'll know that French Belgian fries are a big deal. Huge deal. And the sauces that go with them are taken extremely seriously. So much so that there's even a 60 year old Royal decree governing what goes into mayo! 
And now there's one unidentified ketje (meaning "kid from Brussels") who's decided to up their sauce game, big time. After spending two years fine tuning his Brussels-style recipe for ketchup, he hit the road in his 1981 Honda Civic and started selling to small venues across the capital. Little did he know that he's created a Belgian icon. It's called Brussels Ketjep, and it's now turned into Belgium's must-have ketchup with anyone's French Belgian fries. They've even got vending machines with his sauces!
He didn't stop at ketchup though, of course not. He's cracked the recipe for a Brussels mayo, barbecue sauce, and some other pretty funky varieties that you've got to try. 


7 sauces that Belgians do better.


It's thick, it's rich and it's filled with tomatoes. In fact, it's got 50% more tomatoes than most ketchup and that means much more taste. 


This mayo respects its Belgian tradition by perfectly balancing oil, mustard and eggs. The recipe was selected by Brussel Ketjep's first 50 restaurants.

Mostoed (Mustard)

It’s a spicy mustard with a creamy texture. It goes just as well with a hot dog as it does with sauerkraut, or even with a plate of cheese to go with your beer.


This recipe, inspired from the special Brussels fritkot sauce, is simultaneously sweet, spicy and crunchy. With its crispy onion taste, it remains the favourite, whatever you put it on, and wherever you come from.

Cowboy (BBQ)

This hickory-style barbecue sauce precisely combines the tartness of the vinegar, the sweetness of the honey with a smoky taste. The Cowboy sauce will add another dimension to your plates. Michelin-starred chef Luc Bellings thought it was the best BBQ sauce to go with his chicken.


This one's been to space. Yes, space. Aside from that, it's actually very nice! It's got a unique taste of fried onions and peppers, with a special sweetness and a touch of tang.


In the late 2000’s, the ketje worked for two years in a restaurant on the Spanish beach of Marbella. And it was very painful to find out that Andalusians don’t actually have Andalouse sauce to go with fries. They eat patatas bravas which is a kind of “frites-andalouse” served as tapas. So Brussels Ketjep launched a brand-new Brava sauce with a Belgian touch. The flavour of Andalouse boosted by the spiciness of patatas bravas.

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Cowboy (BBQ)

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 Quantity  300ml per bottle
Ketchup ingredients  double concentrated tomato puree (210g fresh tomato per 100g of ketchup), water, vinegar, sugar, salt, modified starch, acidity regulator: glucono delta lactone, preservative: E202, antioxidant: E300, natural clove flavouring
• Mayo ingredients  rapeseed oil, egg yolks, water, vinegar, mustard (water, mustard seeds, salt, vinegar, curcuma), sugar, salt, antioxidant: rosemary extract
• Mostoed (Mustard) ingredients  vinegar, mustard seeds, salt, curcuma, antioxidant: sulphites
• Dallas ingredients  rapeseed oil, sugar, water, vinegar, tomato puree, egg yolk, onions, mustard (water, mustard seeds, salt, vinegar, curcuma), natural extract and aromatics, roasted onions (1.6%) (contains wheat, gluten), salt, antioxidant: rosemary extract, acidity regulator: citric acid, flavours, colour: paprika extract

• Cowboy (BBQ) ingredients  water, sugar, vinegar, tomato puree, honey (5.3%), modified starch, salt, smoke flavouring, vegetable extracts (contain barley and wheat)

• 16-20 ingredients  rapeseed oil, water, sugar, vinegar, egg yolk (egg yolk, salt, glucose syrup), onions (2.5%), salt, natural extract, pepper (0.7%), modified starch, acidity regulator: citric acid, pepper's aroma, stabiliser: xanthan gum, antioxidant: rosemary extract, colouring: paprika extract

• Bravas ingredients  rapeseed oil (EU, non-EU), water, vinegar, tomato puree, mustard (water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, turmeric), egg yolks, sugar, salt, natural extracts, paprika, dehydrated red peppers, onions, modified starch, acidifier: citric acid, antioxidant: rosemary extracts, natural chili extract, colouring: paprika extracts

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