Slurp Ramen Joint | Copenhagen, Denmark

This place worships ramen. The team here lives and breathes this simple Japanese dish and their love for it is totally infectious. No stone is left unturned in their search for the cosiest, most fulfilling bowl of good, simple ramen. 

Every single ingredient that goes into a dish at Slurp is scrutinised. Either they source locally or direct from Japan. The broth is made in house, as are the noodles.

Typical of many honest restaurants, the menu is tiny. You’ll only find two or three ramen dishes on it at any one time and this means each receives serious attention. You can’t really go wrong when you’re choosing; whether it’s a traditional pork Shoyu or a vegetarian, mushroom based broth, you’ll find yourself swept away by the fresh, soul inspiring ramen. 

The restaurant is quite small, nearly all of it is traditional Japanese bar seating. There are no reservations and people love this place, so get ready for a queue at the busiest times. There are a few bars just a couple of minutes away if you wanted to grab a drink whilst you wait. If you ask us, it’s well worth it. It doesn’t get much better than ending a cold winter day in Copenhagen with a warm bowl of Slurp ramen.

Price  Low to Medium
Address  Nansensgade 90 - 1366 Copenhagen, Denmark
Bookings  No
Child friendly  Not really

    Here's my story about how I came to eat here for the first time.

    My girlfriend lived in Copenhagen and we'd tried to come here for a while, a few months maybe. Each time I'd visit her, we'd made the perfect plan: explore the city in the crisp, winter cold, and then in the evening come for a hearty bowl of ramen. And each time we tried, we'd hit such a long queue that it wasn't even worth waiting. 

    Luckily food is big deal in Copenhagen, so the city really spoils you with incredible options. But every time we missed an opportunity to have Slurp, the more we'd want it. 

    After maybe four or five failed attempts, our latest attempt seemed like the one. There were only four people ahead of us in the queue now. Coming an hour before closing time seemed like the best strategy. Finally, tonight felt like we were going to get to experience the ramen that has taken Copenhagen by storm.

    There was just an American couple ahead of us. Out came one of the waiters, looking slightly tired from a busy night. This is it we were thinking, he’s going to show us to the empty seats we can see through the window. And then came the bad news, “we’ve only got two bowls of ramen left guys, we’re so sorry”. Being British and fair, we obviously let the Americans ahead of us take it.

    We walked away to find somewhere else to grab dinner. We should’ve known, anywhere as good as this place will run out of food by the end of the day. Oh well, we say as we walk off, we’ll come another time (again).

    Just as we were about to cross the road, we heard someone shouting about fifty metres behind us. We turned around. It looked like the waiter had gone crazy - he was shouting and waving his arms around! We listened in more carefully, “Come back! We’ve got ramen for you guys!”.

    We took a look at each other, laughing in that “what on earth is going on” sort of way. We hurriedly walked back towards Slurp, the waiter now standing outside the restaurant. We got to the door. He tells us, calmly this time, that they were wrong, they’ve got a few bowls still left. He ushers us in. We sat down in the warm restaurant, the place was filled with music seemingly pulled straight from the soundtrack to Isle of Dogs. Finally, just finally, we'd made it to Copenhagen’s Slurp Ramen Joint. And we didn’t regret any part of the journey that got us there. Because if you like Ramen, you’ll simply love Slurp. 

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